Beginning in the 1970’s until now we created clothing, built homes, and resuscitated companies. The most important project started in Bali Indonesia in 2007 with the beginnings of Hurricane Bay Estates. Our mission was to build two energy efficient low impact homes, one to live in and one to sell.

We lived and worked in Bali and Java for the first 9 months of 2007 to source excellent reclaimed exotic woods. With our local contacts we found teak wood buildings in Java that were being torn down, ships made of Borneo Ironwood that were being decommissioned river boats.  Also, in Borneo, were located truck beds made of Bengkirai, one of the world hardest wood. The beds of the trucks were being replaced with new steel and discarded.

All of these woods were then re-milled into planks of wood and then fashioned into most of the wood components in our two homes. We had local artisans in Bali create flooring, wine cellar doors, ceiling material, 50 doors, closet storage shelving and etc. that filled 2 40 ft containers.  During that same period, Wendy assisted another person in the South Shore area of Lake Tahoe, a local dermatologist, to source all his interior flooring, tables, doors and ceiling materials from Bali to complete is Balinese Home.
Wendy Wood then helped the Tahoe Regional Planning Authority write the solar code for Lake Tahoe in 2008. Surprisingly, Lake Tahoe boasts more than 300 days of sunshine. TRPA as the Planning Association is called has a reputation of being one of the most difficult agencies to obtain a permit from.  They loved the solar, reclaimed wood and clean up of a dirty site that we offered in the development of 3005 West Lake Blvd, a site of 4 1948 lead paint filled cabins that were literally falling apart one half acre.  We reduced the density from 4 to 2 structures and remediated the site, have solar panels on 3015 West Lake Blvd.

Our paint and window covers are all make of nontoxic materials and paints

We have built and lived in a home with sustainable, energy efficient, and nontoxic material. With the new and more efficient ‘Green’ products and contractor we feel we are well suited to build some of the best Level 4 Green ‘Cottage Style’ homes in the Seattle area.



Sustainable Design • Sustainable Architecture
Sustainable Construction • Energy efficient landscaping
High Level/R Factor Insulation • Energy efficient windows
Low energy lighting • On Demand Heating and Cooling
On Demand Hot Water • Non toxic floor covering and paint
Solar Ready • Low-Energy/Energy Star Appliances